Hiring: Passion!

We are hiring people that are passionate about racing, cars, and more in Colorado. Unfortunately, we cannot pay you at this time, but like any start up, eventually we might be able to through advertisement and such. That’s why we want passion. Passion gives you the strength to get through a whole day event after you have only had two hours of sleep and worked the night before (trust me, I’ve done that a lot!) , the strength to realize it’s not about the money (even though, it’s always nice!) , it’s about the thrill of racing, the drool from the immaculate machine in front of you, the unbelievable stories from racers, the in heaven events. If you’re still here, you passed the first phase of the interview.

We are looking for photographers (DSLR, cheap camera, polaroid, cellphone camera, doesn’t matter  – we accept creativity as you can see) at any level (we can train you, let you rent equipment, and learning never ends), videographers, droneographers, journalists, staff (such as personal assistant, photographer assistant, videographer assistant, droneographer assistant, journalist assistant, secretary, “the muscle”, social media, website designers, image designers, “the connections” person to awesome cars, shops, racers, tracks, events and such, and racing enthusiasts and car enthusiasts. See anything that interests you? Contact us at join@racecolorado.net and we will get back to you as soon as possible.